Oregon ECHO Network

ECHO is an interactive educational and community-building experience that allows healthcare professionals throughout the state of Oregon to create a case-based learning environment through the convenience of video connection.

What Are the Benefits of Participating in ECHO?

Professional Development: Participants gain new skills and competencies for managing patients who they might otherwise refer to specialist care.

Creating Community: By becoming part of the ECHO community, clinicians and clinical teams can increase professional satisfaction and decrease isolation.

No-Cost CME: The high-quality evidence-based care knowledge disseminated through the ECHO makes the program eligible for Continuing Medical Education Credits. Learners in select ECHOs also earn MOC-II credits or Long-Term Care Administrator continuing Education Credits.

Increased Patient Satisfaction: Patients do not have to travel long distances to be treated by specialists; they can continue to work with their trusted clinician.

Improves Quality of Care: Studies have shown that healthcare professionals who participate in ECHO increase their knowledge and self-efficacy.

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