Southern Oregon Southern Oregon Addiction Medicine Journal Club

Where: Jackson County HHS, Orchard Room, 140 S. Holly St, Medford, OR or via Zoom

To connect via Zoom (from your computer or phone) follow this link: Follow the prompts to connect. On your phone it will prompt you to download the Zoom app if you haven’t previously downloaded. On your computer no app is required.

What: Each month we will discuss 1-2 articles chosen from Addiction Medicine and Addiction Psychiatry literature. Common source journals may include: The American Journal on Addictions, Journal of Addiction Medicine, American Journal of Psychiatry, JAMA, NEJM, and others. The articles will be posted for review prior to the end of the preceding month. Please read the articles prior to the Journal Club. Submit articles to Dr. John Mahan for consideration. Volunteers to lead sessions are welcome.

Event Date: 06/13/2019