Learn about how pain works and what you can do about it.

Lifestyle changes can reduced pain and improve well-being and function. These short videos offer step-by-step information and tips to help you manage pain

Understand Pain

Nora Stern, MS, PT
Oregon State Pain Management Commission –¬†Chair


Catriona Buist, Psy.D.
Pain Psychologist, OHSU


Nora Stern, MS, PT
Pain Education, Providence

Nutrition - "Gut Health"

Erika La Vella, D.O.
Bariatric Surgeon, Samaritan Health Services


Miriam Parker, LCSW
Columbia Community Mental Health

Non-opioid medications

Ruben Halperin, M.D.
Internal Medicine, Providence

Pain Flareups

Michelle Marikos
Peer Support Specialist


Catriona Buist, Psy.D.
Pain Psychologist, OHSU

The Oregon Pain Management Commission developed the content of these videos. The work was funded by OHA with CDC grant funds Grant #12345