The LC-PGSA has stakeholder representation from Kaiser Permanente, HIV Alliance, and many provider groups. The Alliance has two goals: First, to help Lane County residents with chronic pain find solutions for better health; and second, to bring together medical, dental, pharmacy and behavioral health specialists to better address pain treatment and medication safety. The LC-PGSA has grown out of work done by all these organizations, as well as the 2016 Trillium University/Lane County Summit on Chronic Pain and Reduced Opiate Use. The Alliance is dedicated to helping patients and assisting healthcare providers with a goal of providing wellness options to all who need them.

For patients, the LC-PGSA provides information to assist in understanding chronic pain and the treatments available for their conditions. Safety is an important factor, and the use of Naloxone to prevent overdose death is one vital component of the Alliance’s efforts. In addition, the LC-PGSA is working on educating the community about:

  • Safe storage and disposal of opiates
  • Understanding dependence and addiction
  • Co-occurring conditions of pain with behavioral health conditions

For healthcare providers, the LC-PGSA invites the healthcare community to improve the effectiveness of chronic pain treatment using best practices and supporting each other in this work. The Alliance provides training opportunities and tools to help providers with treatment options. Local and regional experts present information to help practitioners engage in conversations and treat patients appropriately, and make referrals to the best community resources that meet their needs. The Alliance is open to all healthcare providers and community resources who work together with others to address this chronic health condition.

Chronic pain is real, and it needs to be addressed with compassionate, well-informed plans of care. The LC-PGSA encourages patients and providers to explore this issue together in a supportive environment.