The PINPOINT (PaIn aNd oPiOId maNagemenT) Collaborative is a 3-year CDC-funded collaboration that focuses on the complex and changing nature of the opioid overdose epidemic and highlights the need for an interdisciplinary, comprehensive, and cohesive public health approach. ORPRN will support 60 clinics for 18 months to address chronic pain management and opioid prescribing practices. Clinics are welcome to join the project to receive FREE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE in addressing unhealthy opioid use. Scope and duration will be modified to fit the needs of each enrolled clinic.

All PINPOINT clinics receive:

  • Regional quality improvement training on chronic pain management and opioid prescribing (small clinic team attends full-day training, which includes CME credit and lunch!)
  • $500 stipend

PINPOINT clinics may customize additional support:

  • Monthly quality improvement coaching for up to 12 months (MOC Part IV credit available)
  • Quarterly interaction with other PINPOINT clinics in a learning collaborative
  • Oregon ECHO Network opioid prescribing tele-mentoring program
  • Academic detailing (e.g. expert consultation, HIT support, etc.)

For more information, contact Caitlin Dickinson.


You may also be interested in ANTECEDENT (pArtNerships To Enhance alCohol scrEening, treatment, anD intervention) is a 3-year study, funded by AHRQ, to address unhealthy alcohol use in primary care. ANTECEDENT is aligned with the OHA CCO incentive metric for Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) for unhealthy alcohol and drug use.

For more information, contact:

To apply to either program, download and submit the application: PINPOINT-ANTECEDENT-flyer