Building Block #6

Measuring success

The goals and clinical measures defined in building block #1 are monitored and reported on monthly or quarterly by the individual responsible in regularly scheduled (monthly/quarterly) meetings with the leadership and other providers. The leadership shares and discusses results with the clinical team and encourages suggestions for improvement. Leadership decides if any changes or adjustments to the process improvement project is needed. Changes are implemented as a high priority for the clinic/organization.

Tracking Outcomes 1234 Describe briefly what your clinic is currently doing.
Tracking outcomes evaluates the extent to which the work is having the desired impact. It can be used to compare results over time and focus efforts on a common goal.
Tracking Progress 1234 Describe briefly what your clinic is currently doing.
Tracking processes evaluates the extent to which clinical teams are implementing suggested practices. It can be used to detect short-term change, explain why certain outcomes are occurring or not occurring, and guide mid-term corrections. It holds clinical team members accountable for conducting the activities needed to achieve the desired outcomes.

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