Changing the Conversation about Pain – Pain Care is Everyone’s Job

This course was developed by the Oregon Pain Management Commission for all levels of healthcare professionals.

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Snapshot of the "Changing the Conversation about Pain: Pain Care is Everyone's Job" module

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Do you

  • Struggle with treating patients with complex or persistent pain?
  • Need more information on nonpharmacological treatment options?
  • Feel unsure about how to direct care and how to create a team?

As healthcare professionals, we are all struggling to find the best ways to help our patients living with pain. This module is designed to improve pain care across the continuum and to support all licensed clinicians in the state, facilitating effective collaboration and communication between regulatory agencies, healthcare providers, insurers and patients.

Pain science and pain treatment have changed significantly in the recent years and this module reflects that change. This module will help both incoming clinicians new to the state and seasoned professionals looking for a new understanding of pain and pain treatment. Pain care is everyone’s job and there is so much we all can do to change the course of care.

This module is here to help make your job easier by providing the tools to:

  • Provide consistent messaging about pain;
  • Identify evidence-based treatment strategies for non-pharmacological treatment; and,
  • Better manage the impact of complex pain.