Watch videos from KOBI-TV, Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing, and others about dealing with patients who use opioids.

Animations about Chronic Pain and Opioids

Chronic Pain - Tame the Beast

Professor Lorimer Moseley explains what chronic pain is and how you can retrain your pain system and tame the beast. (5 minutes)

Chronic Pain Explained in 2.5 minutes

The team from Hunter Integrated Pain Service, University of South Australia, University of Washington and Hunter Medicare Local have released a follow-up shorter video after their popular “Pain Explained in 5 Minutes” video. (2.5 minutes)

Brainman Stops his Opioids

Brainman makes choices as he transitions toward an active evidence based approach. The team from Hunter Integrated Pain Service, University of South Australia, University of Washington and Hunter Medicare Local. (2 minutes)

Understanding Pain: What to do about it in less than five minutes

Animation by Hunter Integrated Pain Service (6 minutes)

Best Advice for People Taking Opioid Medication

Animation by Dr. Mike Evans (11 minutes)

CDC Videos

CDC produced videos to help improve communication between prescribers and patients about prescription opioids.

Prescription Opioids: Even When Prescribed by a Doctor

Learn about the risks of prescription opioids and how to talk to your doctor about alternatives. (1:31 minute)

Videos from Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing

The organization’s mission is to reduce morbidity and mortality resulting from prescribing of opioids and to promote cautious, safe and responsible opioid prescribing practices. These videos are from leading experts in the field. Asterisks (*) indicates that speaker has relationships with opioid manufacturers.

Effectiveness for Chronic Pain

This video explains that long-term opioid therapy is not an evidence-based treatment for chronic pain. Interviews with Drs. Mark Sullivan, Alex Cahana and Gilbert Fanciullo. (6 minutes)

Understanding Physical Dependence

This video helps prescribers and the public better understand the meaning of the term physical dependence and to correct the misperception that physical dependence on opioids is benign and clinically unimportant. Drs. Mark Sullivan, Jane Ballantyne and Thomas Kosten and Betty Tully. (3 minutes)

Opioid Addictions are not rare

This video explains that pain patients can become addicted to opioids and that misinformation on this topic played a role in causing the epidemic. It features a clip of CDC Director, Dr. Thomas Frieden and interviews with Drs. Russell Portenoy*, Nathaniel Katz*, Andrew Kolodny and Thomas Kosten. (5 minutes)

High Dose Opioid Therapy Reconsidered

This video corrects the misperception that there is no upper dose limit for opioid therapy and that high dose prescribing is a dangerous practice. Video features Dr. Lynn Webster*, President-elect of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, Betty Tully and Drs. Jane Ballantyne and Thomas Kosten. (5 minutes)

KOBITV-5 Videos

Four videos produced by Oregon Pain Guidance in collaboration with KOBITV-5, airing several times a week.

You have the Power - Store Naloxone

Next time you visit a pharmacy, pick up naloxone to add to your safe medication box. (30 seconds)

Montez Family Drugs

A family deals with their son’s recreational prescription drug habit.
(30 seconds)

Other Helpful Videos

Naloxone - Recognize Overdose Symptoms, How to Administer, Personal Stories

An excellent video by the New York City Department of Health. Learn how to recognize the symptoms of an overdose. A community health worker demonstrates how to use Naloxone (Narcan™). Also, hear from people whose lives were saved.

How to Administer Nasal Naloxone

A video by the Oregon Health Authority on how to administer Nasal Naloxone.

Why Things Hurt

An excellent TED talk by Lorimer Moseley explaining how the brain interprets pain using his personal experience of being bitten by the deadly Eastern Brown snake.(14 minutes)