Active Listening webinar

How to Improve your Confidence and Outcomes with a Patient-centered, Active Listening Approach

For Healthcare Providers

Actively listening involves using your body language, affect, and verbal communication to convey interest in your patient’s priorities and perspectives to co-create a plan of care with them.

Improve your patient/provider communication by learning:

1) How to start your encounter:
  • Warm greeting
  • Elicit the patient’s agenda
  • Negotiate and summarize the agenda
2) Patient-centered treatments and education:
  • Elicit patient’s perspective on treatment
  • Empathize as needed
  • “Ask-tell-ask” method for educating
3) How to close the visit:
  • Goal setting with shared decision-making
  • Visit summary/take-away from the patient

Breanna Becker, presenter

Presented by Breanna Becker, PT, DPTDr. Becker earned her doctorate in physical therapy from George Fox University in 2020. In the following two years, she co-founded a private practice clinic and served as a guest lecturer and lab instructor in George Fox University’s School of Physical Therapy. She now works in outpatient rehab at Samaritan Health Services in Lebanon, OR, where she specializes in treating patients with chronic pain. Patient-centered communication and evidence-based practice are at the core of Dr. Becker’s therapeutic approach, and she has had the opportunity to advance this mission by offering continuing education courses and guest lectures on these topics both in a clinical and university setting.


Video length = 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes of Q&A.

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In this handout, you will learn:

  • How communicating with our patients matters
  • What active listening is
  • How to bring active listening into your appointments
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