Southern Oregon Spotlight on Practice: Who’s Taking Care of Me?

Join us as Jill Romm, R.N., L.C.S.W. talks about how balint groups provide an opportunity for clinicians to reflect on their interactions and relationships with their patients. Jill will describe the basics balint groups and discuss how many providers find this work supportive of some of the more challenging aspects of providing health care.

Spotlight on Practice 6-7 pm

Community Discussion 7-8 pm

Coos Bay: Advanced Health, 289 LaClair St
Grants Pass: Asante Three Rivers Medical Center, 500 SW Ramsey Ave
Medford: Smullin Health Education Center, 2825 E. Barnett Rd
Klamath Falls: Cascade Health Alliance, 2909 Daggett Ave

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Event Date: 07/18/2018