UW 13th Annual John D. Loeser Pain Conference (Virtual)

Managing the Pain of Disease, Injury, and Other Traumas: Identification, Prevention, and Management

Learn about the biopsychosocial mechanisms that increase risk of initial acute painful injury transitioning into chronic pain with an emphasis on identification and multidisciplinary approaches to prevention and treatment. The conference will:

  • Emphasize vulnerable populations
  • Review clinician-led approaches to patient pain education
  • Propose why opioids may interfere with improvement
  • Explore how multidisciplinary care delivered via telehealth offers opportunities to increase access to effective chronic pain management

When: November 12, 2020
How: Virtual
Cost: $200.00

For more information and to register, see the UW Medicine CME website.

Email for questions: cme@uw.edu

Event Date: 11/12/2020